“Create a LIFE that feels good on the INSIDE, not just the one that looks good on the OUTSIDE”


About Fetie

My name is Fetie, I am a Holistic Organizing Coach and the owner of Tia Fejzo LLC decluttering, organizing and energy cleansing service.

I have been cleaning decluttering and organizing for over a decade and it brings me a lot of joy while helping thousands of clients.

I am married to a wonderful husband, I have 2 beautiful children and a rescued dog.

I moved to the USA 13 years ago from Macedonia and when I came here I spoke no English and it was very difficult time for me.

I moved in with my in-laws and as everyone was working and out of the house, I had nothing to do, but clean, so I started folding clothes, organizing closets, cleaning the kitchen, fridge, going through the linen closet etc. I organized everything and when friends, family came for a visit they saw the change, as the house was very clean, neat, and in order.
My parents in law appreciated my help, as their life was so much at ease with a clean home. You could feel that house was filled with love and harmony.
My sister in law noticed my work and that’s how friends, neighbours whoever needed help, called me to help them clear clutter, organize and clean. Once they saw the result, they asked for my help which opened more projects for me.
That’s how I started seeing the impact of my work on other people, from being stressed, overwhelmed, complaining about life, hate, anger, jealous, very unhappy marriage, parenthood. They became at ease, happy, joyful, spending more quality time with their families.
I learn that people are not lazy with not cleaning, but with busy lifestyles, being tired of working and little time to clean, didn’t know how to organize and overtime collected a lot of clutter
Once people started working with me they started waking up, in sense of being more mindful about life, their body, their mind, how they lived at home. Started being more appreciative, calmer, grateful, happier and free.
Overtime I was able to sense the density of the energy in my clients houses. Especially if there was something bad that happened in the house – like divorce, death, violence, etc. My ability of connecting with the source let me to remove those energy and restore harmony to my clients homes.
Today, I help my clients on removing negative vibrations from their homes, declutter and organise the space, so they can fall in love with their homes again.

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“Tia and her team do a fabulous job! Reliable and professional. They take pride in their work and it shows. Highly recommend!”


“Tia is amazing. Love coming home after she has cleaned- our house is always sparkling and feels so refreshed!!”


“Tia gets my house sparkling clean, leaving more time for me to bake cookies. Thank you, Tia!”

“Tia is communicative, meticulous and professional. I highly recommend her business.”

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