Energy Healing

House Energy Cleansing Session

The best way to clear the energy in your home is to declutter and clean. Let go of any items that brings the past and negative memories. This clutter keeps you stuck and blocks you from evolving and living a healthy lifestyle. I can help you clear out negative energy from your home and bring light and peace. Remove arguments, hate, jealousy, fights, energy of previous homeowners, spirits of past loved ones and so much more.

Once your home is cleared and clean, your home will attract positivity, peace, love, prosperity and happiness. It will create the space for your ancestors to step in, guide you to be more present in the moment and help you to connect with your soul.

Price $247

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Energy Healing Session

During an Energy healing session, I tap into the energy of each brain centers or chakra to assess how things are flowing.

We discuss any areas that may need work and healing. Energy is channelled to those brain centers to help restore, flow and promote balance.

Price $85
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